Month: June 2013

Baby you can light my fire…

It’s time for another home related post! When I was looking at houses, one of the things I loved about mine was the backyard. It was big and fenced in and even came with a fire pit! … Or at least the remains of one from the previous owners.


That sad, broken paver stone pit had me dreaming of summer nights by the bonfire, enjoying s’mores and playing music with friends (a very Nashville dream if I’ve ever seen one!).

I started working on the new and improved fire pit a few weeks ago, a few spare minutes at a time. First I had to get rid of all the garbage and half-burnt remains from the guy who lived here before me. I think he may have been a bit of a pyro…. I found trash, old springs, and what I’m pretty sure was something from a car engine. Haha.

After that was done I dug out the ash that was left in the pit to get down to the dirt. I removed all the old paver stones, which were luckily not cemented together, so that part was easy. I removed more of the grass from around the edges to keep more space around the fire pit clear as well.

Finally it was time to build the fire pit! The first row was the most tedious since the old first-layer of pavers was really uneven. I was using the hexagonal paver stones, some from the original pit and about 30 new ones I bought at home depot finish the project. I laid the first brick and then went one at a time, butting them against each other and filling in the spaces with soil or digging into the ground to get a nice, level base. Once I had the first row completed, I packed more soil around the inside and outside of the ring to secure the bricks.

The rest was pretty easy. I just laid paver stones in stacked rows, making sure they were snug and secure as I went. I had debated using some kind if cement to secure the stones together, but after reading a bunch if tutorials (thanks, Pinterest!) I decided that it would be fine to leave them stacked and not glued together.

The final result looked like this:



I’m pretty proud of this one. I am thinking about adding some pebbles around the edge to give it a more finished look. Can’t wait to start enjoying some beautiful summer, southern nights by the fire!


Four Years

This weekend marks my 4 year Nash-iversary; 4 years since I graduated college, packed my bags, and started my life as a singer/songwriter in Music City. In some ways I can’t believe that it’s only been 4 years, and then I take a breath and can’t believe that it’s already been 4 years.

I am so thankful to be in a city I love, making music and learning more about the creative process and my own voice every day. You all know I love an excuse to make a good list, so I figured this was as good a chance as any to reflect on the 4 biggest lessons I’ve learned, and the 4 biggest goals I have for the next year. Ready?

Four Lessons

1. Do what you love.

2. Work hard.

3. Find the right path… the end destination is likely to change and isn’t always clear, but finding the right road makes the hard work more worthwhile.

4. Know your strengths and recognize your weaknesses. Then, find people that are better than you at both and learn everything you can from them.

Four Goals: 

1. Record a NEW ALBUM with NEW Music. Pretty excited about this one 🙂

2. Make sure a few more publishers in town know who I am… time to start knocking on some doors on Music Row!

3. Keep writing with as many people as possible and learn as much from them all as possible.

4. Don’t lose sight of how much I love making music.

So there it is! A quick retrospective of my first four years in Nashville. Here’s to the next four and beyond. Thanks for sticking with me, I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us!


p.s. Check out my latest YouTube video! This one’s a song I wrote with Kristen Kuiper, one of my ridiculously talented friends 🙂