The view from today

The view from today:


So, my co-write today got rescheduled and I took advantage of a couple free hours to do some work on my home! I figure painting a $15 Craigslist desk is still creative, and will actually benefit me as I’ll have a better central location for all of the business related stuff that goes along with being an independent artist! I hope you’ll enjoy the quick departure from music talk for a minute.

As an Independent artist, in always looking for ways to save money; being a new homeowner I’m trying to fill my house with pieces I love. So when I found this desk for $15 on Craigslist, I saw major potential!


I decided to invest in some Annie Sloan chalk paint since I wasn’t sure about priming the lame-o faux wood surface of it. A couple hours later it looks like the first photo!

All that’s left to do is distress it a little, put the wax finish over it, and add some new hardware to the drawers. Be sure to check my Facebook for the final product!

Now, back to business: I’ll be playing with my guys Tony Merz and Nick Diomedes at back alley diner in Nashville on Tuesday night at 8 pm! Hope to see you there 🙂


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